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competitor landscape

Competitor Intelligence

Understanding and analysing competitor strengths and weaknesses is an important part of any market attractiveness analysis.  

Our competitor analysis is conducted at different levels:

  • Landscape & capability mapping: understanding who is the market & the strengths and weaknesses  

  • Company profiling: examining companies in greater detail 

  • Product / service comparisons

  • 'Best in class' analysis 

  • Ongoing monitoring: quarterly updates on competitor developments

Competitor Landscape

This is intended to highlight the companies present each market, their strengths and weaknesses. At this top level, it helps to identify areas of relative competitive intensity, strengths, weaknesses and potential points of differentiation in capabilities.  


Competitor Profiles

Detailed profiles can be prepared focusing on key competitors in greater detail. For example:

  • HQ location & market presence

  • Turnover / number of employees

  • Key decision makers

  • Facilities

  • Product range

  • Marketing claims and general positioning

  • News 

  • Staff reviews

Best in Class Analysis

When we look at competitor websites, we can identify 'best in class' examples for different aspects. This analysis is designed to give very practical recommendations to help inform and further strengthen a client’s positioning and marketing of its services.

Best in class examples may be selected for their site a whole, but more often it is specific aspects and details that help inform very practical recommendations. For example:

  • Engaging site content / visual design

  • Clear communication of customer benefits

  • Product / service presentation

  • Credibility, e.g. customer testimonials

  • Expert knowledge (white papers, articles etc.)

  • Compelling call to action


Best in class.png

A final stage of the analysis is providing an honest assessment of the respective strengths and weaknesses of our customer and each competitor in turn to provide clear recommendations on how best to address them for success.  

If you would like to know more or have a project in mind, please get in contact. We will be happy to help. 

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