Qualitative and quantitative market research in Peru,
Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and other parts of LATAM


With offices in both the UK and Peru, Advantage helps organisations better understand Latin American markets and customer nuances. 

Our dual perspective helps us design effective market research, understand cultural differences and add value to the interpretation of findings.

We use creative (and sometimes unconventional) solutions to overcome infrastructure and information challenges. 

At its heart, our approach combines latin energy, spirit and creativity with rigour and discipline.


Full service or fieldwork only, without the 'big agency price'   

We provide market research and desk research services along with consultancy to help organisations evaluate new markets reduce risks and improve their profitability.

We provide fielwork only or full service (design, fieldwork and reporting), as required. 

We are competitively priced and work with a network of proven partners across LATAM to deliver consistent quality and on-time delivery.  

Detailed information about our services is also available on our UK website.  


  • Focus groups

  • Depth interviews

  • Online groups

  • Online communities 

  • Observation 

  • Accompanied activities e.g. shopping & website use

  • Ethnography

  • Mystery shopping

  • Professional interviews 


  • Telephone surveys (CATI)

  • Street interviews (CAPI)

  • Central location interviewing

  • Online surveys

  • Mystery shopping

  • Consumer panels

Desk Research

  • Context for primary research findings

  • Market size & trends

  • Competitors 

  • Market entry support: 

    • Suppliers​

    • Distributors

    • Customers

LATAM and International Capabilities

We work with proven local partners to deliver high quality qualitative and quantitative market research services.


​Our resources within LATAM include:

  • 150 CATI stations located in Peru, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. 

  • Over 200 street interviewers

  • Viewing facilities in all main markets with remote live streaming capabilities

  • Multiple online panels

Our desk research combines high quality global information from the British Library with country sources accessed by our local researchers in Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Chile. 

Research methodologies are adapted to the culture and infrastructure of each country as well as the respondent profile and objectives. Similarly we take into account cultural differences when analysing responses.

Our international network extends beyond LATAM.  


Advantage Research Network 2019 

More than a fieldwork partner

Our international experience and dual perspective means we are well placed to add value, particularly for companies entering or seeking to grow within LATAM.  

We use both market research and desk research to help organisations evaluate new market risks and opportunities and provide practical support to help them succeed.

Or services include:  

  • Selecting the right markets:

    • Calculating market size

    • Understanding market trends, regulation and growth forecasts

    • Evaluating the attractiveness of market segments

    • Evaluating the resources needed

    • Identifying competitors and analysing their strengths and weaknesses 

  • Understanding customer needs

  • Testing the appeal of a clients's product and reactions to their marketing

  • Helping clients find potential customers and distributors

  • Identifying and connecting clients with local suppliers


We use our own analysis framework to help advise companies. Market and segment opportunities are evaluated by examining both the market conditions and the degree of fit with a client’s current or planned capabilities to give commercially grounded recommendations.  

This model can be adapted to fit the needs of organisations of different sizes and budgets. Some clients require a full analysis, while others may only require an assessment of competitors. 

The model provides a starting point as the needs of each organisation will vary. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and provide specific recommendations without any cost or obligation.  

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