Qualitative and quantitative market research in
Mexico, Central America and South America


We help companies who want to grow their business in Latin America gather high-quality and in-depth market insights about this dynamic and historically difficult to research market.

We do this by harnessing our unparalleled market research capabilities in Latin America and producing fast and actionable results, tailored to clients’ specific business needs, thus enabling clients to understand the business environment, make better strategic decisions, be more competitive and more successful.

Advantage is a full service research company originally founded in the UK, with an office in Peru. With our trusted partners, we cover all of Latin America, including Mexico, Central America and South America.  



Market intelligence is market research and more. 

We provide in-depth information about your market of interest, including competitive activity, positioning and pricing, current market trends and customer attitudes.


Intelligence that:

  • Clearly informs market entry decisions

  • Delivers traditional market research for customer and stakeholder insights

  • Enhances market research projects: 

    • Informing and focusing the  research design 

    • Providing context to enhance your findings 

We are not just for Latin America. Our roots are in the UK and we have conducted research in over thirty countries. We are also pleased to support other agencies with fieldwork requirements.


  • Focus groups

  • Depth interviews

  • Online groups

  • Online communities 

  • Observation 

  • Accompanied activities e.g. shopping & website use

  • Ethnography

  • Mystery shopping

  • Professional interviews 


  • Telephone surveys (CATI)

  • Street interviews (CAPI)

  • Central location interviewing

  • Online surveys

  • Mystery shopping

  • Consumer panels

Desk Research

  • Context for primary research findings

  • Market size & trends

  • Competitors 

  • Market entry support: 

    • Suppliers​

    • Distributors

    • Customers

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Whatever questions you want answered about Latin America in order to grow your business in the region, we can help you find the answers.


Volatile market conditions, limited information sources and cultural specifics are only a few of the challenges that businesses have to overcome should they wish to gather quality information about Latin America.

Across the region, there is a much lower awareness and trust in market research compared with other parts of the world.  This can require adapting how to approach people, where and when to conduct the research.

We are happy to lend expertise in the design of the research studies, so our partners can focus on the heart of their project – interpreting the research results and composing the best recommendation for their client.

Over the years, we’ve successfully established a network of local experts and partners who help us keep our finger on the pulse of the market. From focus groups, to market sizing, to gathering competitive intelligence – we do it all and we do it well.


Our in-house team includes English and Latin Spanish & Brazilian Portuguese native speakers. 

Our capabilities do vary by country due to infrastructure and local conditions. Methodologies often need to be adapted to local conditions or require more creative solutions.  For example, research is predominantly conducted face-to-face in Bolivia and El Salvador, whereas online, telephone and panels are also available in major markets such as Argentina, Mexico and Brazil. 

Covid is a rapidly changing situation in all countries and we are happy to provide information on current lockdown conditions. 

We can help with B2C and B2B projects: 

  • Translation

  • Recruitment & incentives

  • Interviewing (online & face-to-face)

  • Moderation (online & face-to-face)

  • 150 CATI stations in multiple countries

  • Over 200 street interviewers

  • Viewing facilities in all main markets with remote viewing capabilities

  • Access to multiple international and regional online panels. 

  • Our desk research combines high quality global information from the British Library with country sources accessed by our local researchers in Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala, Brazil and Chile.

We enjoy supporting other research companies to make their work in Latin America easier and more efficient. Our extensive network in Latin America allows us to help with the logistics of both  qualitative and quantitative studies, in one or more countries. 

More than a fieldwork partner

Our international experience and dual perspective means we are well placed to add value, particularly for companies entering or seeking to grow within LATAM.  

We use both market research and desk research to help organisations evaluate new market risks and opportunities and provide practical support to help them succeed.

Or services include:  

  • Selecting the right markets:

    • Calculating market size

    • Understanding market trends, regulation and growth forecasts

    • Evaluating the attractiveness of market segments

    • Evaluating the resources needed

    • Identifying competitors and analysing their strengths and weaknesses 

  • Understanding customer needs

  • Testing the appeal of a clients's product and reactions to their marketing

  • Helping clients find potential customers and distributors

  • Identifying and connecting clients with local suppliers


We use our own analysis framework to help advise companies. Market and segment opportunities are evaluated by examining both the market conditions and the degree of fit with a client’s current or planned capabilities to give commercially grounded recommendations.  

This model can be adapted to fit the needs of organisations of different sizes and budgets. Some clients require a full analysis, while others may only require an assessment of competitors. 


The model provides a starting point as the needs of each organisation will vary. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and provide specific recommendations without any cost or obligation.