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Market reports are available to purchase. 

The reports are compiled from a range of public information sources and intended to give a quick insight into the key trends, issues and opportunities. 

Please click on the report cover to see the table of contents.

2023 Peru copper mining industry market report

As the global demand for electric vehicle (EV) and renewable energy technology intensifies, the need for copper grows in tandem. In a 2021 report, the World Economic Forum predicted that metal demand and prices, including copper, could surge for years into the foreseeable future.  

The world's second-largest supplier of copper, Peru, is distinctly positioned to benefit from this emerging trend. This report examines the significant factors that impact Peru's copper market and outlines the potential benefits, risks, and opportunities for investors.

Publication: Sept 2023

Pages: 47

Price:  $500 

Peru's Copper Mining Industry

E-commerce report cover.png


The world of e-commerce  has rapidly evolved and presents both opportunities and challenges for businesses of all sizes.


Latin America tremendous opportunities for businesses to expand their reach and increase their customer base, yet it also poses significant challenges, such as navigating the complexities of different markets, understanding local laws and regulations, and overcoming language and cultural barriers.

This report highlights opportunities, risks and key players at a region and country level.

Publication: Jan 2024

Pages: 123

Price:  $1,500 USD 

E-commerce: Latin America

LATAM ride sharing.png


The Latin American ride-hailing market is substantial, reaching $15.1 billion in 2023, with projected growth to $16.4 billion by 2027.


Despite competition, growth in user numbers is expected, driven by factors such as urbanization, smartphone adoption, and evolving 
transportation needs.


This report highlights opportunities and risks within the region as well as key players in the largest countries. 

Publication: Jan 2024

Pages: 65

Price:  $1,200 USD 

Ride Hailing & Taxi Market: Latin America

Artificial Intelligence Use and Impact: Global

AI report cover.png

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is having a profound impact on business and society as a whole.  This report examines the role, considerations and implications for businesses across ten industry sectors. 

In such a fast changing landscape, this report is intended to provide a global overview, highlighting key developing regions and industry  application areas along with company case studies.  


Publication: Jan 2024

Pages: 144

Price:  $2,500 USD 

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