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A sweet collaboration: Spreading smiles for Talita Kum's girls' birthdays

Celebrating a birthday is a moment of great excitement for both young people and adults, and the Talita Kum girls are no strangers to this emotion. This special day gives them the opportunity to remember their bravery and determination to move forward. Therefore, sharing smiles on this occasion takes on extraordinary importance.

Benevolent actions are nourished by kind hearts and, above all, by solidarity alliances. And from the desire to illuminate the eyes of these girls comes the collaboration between our team and "Antonella Detalles".

Antonella Detalles, a family business founded in 2019 from her home, has gradually grown thanks to the preference for its personalized details and quality. During the pandemic, they strengthened their social media presence, which expanded their reach and attracted more customers. Today, after four years, they continue to operate from their original location with a constantly growing customer base who trust them for their important events and personalized details.

In solidarity, they join our team with a shared goal: to bring sweet smiles to the Talita Kum girls on their birthdays. From brownies and cakes to truffles, every detail is shared on these special occasions. The sweets are made with great love and enthusiasm, and the delivery is done with dedication and enthusiasm.

The result means everything to us: looks full of light reflect pure joy, expressions of gratitude that resonate deeply in our hearts, and moments of happiness that become indelible memories that strengthen the bond of our alliance. Each of those smiles encourages us to continue, reminding us of the value of each gesture and the positive impact we can achieve when we collaborate.

Sister María, responsible for the care of the girls, as part of her mission to instill solid values, ensures that the sweets are shared among all the girls. This teaches them not only the value of sharing, but also that enjoying happy moments requires nothing more than the company of their loved ones. This way, girls enjoy truly special birthdays.

This year, we will persist in our mission to give smiles on girls' birthdays, always with their well-being in mind. Our alliance remains strong and continues to strengthen through acts of solidarity that fill our hearts. Because alliances with a purpose always last.

Many thanks Antonella

Hector & team

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